Monday, 20 November 2017

Bread and Butter Freight Car

More rolling stock for Neil Schofield's CP Newport Sub. Neil Schofield photo
Neil Schofield sent me some photo of his layout in progress. He also sent me these two views of CP International of Maine boxcars he completed as a kind of a change of pace from plowing though his layout projects. Neil calls these his bread and butter freight cars. He sure did an excellent job with these models. Thanks for sharing and allowing me to post them on my blog...keep up the good work and looking forward to seeing a completed layout...George Dutka

A script version of CP's International of Maine Division boxcars. Check out the upcoming Model Railroad Planning 2018 for more of Neil's modeling.

Carl's Troutateria Layout is for Sale

If you ever wanted to own a layout that had been featured in the modeling press, here is your chance. Christopher Creighton has decided to sell his Gn15 mini layout, Carl's Troutateria is now for sale. It was featured in the September 2012 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman. Christopher can be reached at this e-mail address below if anyone requires more information...George Dutka

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Live VIA and Amtrak Mapping

Peter Mumby passed along this link (found below) that is really neat to view. It locates all passenger trains operating live at the moment with details about the run. Just click on the train number for the information...George Dutka

Toning Down Tree Colours

My newest project is finishing my N scale module that ties in with Peter's. The trees looked off so some toning needed to be done.
This past week I spend most of my modeling time finishing off a N scale module that Peter and I have been building for two years now. We did not touch our modules at all last year but a push is on to have them done for Peter's club meeting in January....good to have focus. Peter gave me some trees he purchased recently. They are fall coloured foam trees that seem the right size for N scale but bright in colour. I used three on my module. To me they look just to bright so I dug into my various tree making material looking for something that might be used for toning things down. I used dollar store hair spray followed by some Noch olive colors foliage...George Dutka

The finished tree with the material used. More views of the module and other trees shortly.

Saturday, 18 November 2017

DPM - Brick Garage

One end of the structure got a new door as it was missing. It actually is a multi-level door cut up to fit. This end is a motorcycle repair shop.
I picked up Schutz's Garage (kit 201) a Design Preservation Models already built back last spring. I thought I could fit it into one of my scenes but as it turned out it became another models I sold off...captions tell the story...George Dutka

This is how it looked when I got it home. I have already added the new stacks and chimneys, sanded the roof smooth as it was kind of rough and clipping some of the molding tabs off.

I coloured the walls using PanPastels, repainted the roof black using acrylic paint and added some powders. I used a pencil to add the tar-paper sheet lines, then some gloss-coat to the seams. Some signs and junk are applied to the model.
The other end is a rad repair can display it any way you want.

Friday, 17 November 2017

The Galt Sub - Bob Fallowfield

One of the runs Bob ran for us during our visit to the CP Galt sub. Bob is a tech guy who really knows his stuff. His signal system works the same as the real thing. The train order signal is lighted and actually operates.
On Tuesday Don Janes and I traveled to St. Catherines to visit Bob Fallowfield's and his CP layout. The Galt Sub is set in the fall of 1980 on a prototypical detailed layout. Bob mentions his layout is actually not finished yet but you would never know it. The scenery and structures are very realistic looking, the room has a finished appearance with spot lighting well placed. Bob mentioned this layout is his first attempt, but once again you would never know it by looking around the room. This appears to be the work of a seasoned modeler. What I really liked was the weathered rolling stock and engines which look very realistic. The layout looks as good if not better in person than in the many prototypical photos Bob posts on his Facebook below...George Dutka

Bob Fallowfield’s Galt Sub

Bob and Don during our visit. Note all the spot lighting which are really helpful when railfanning the trains.

A scene from Woodstock, Ontario.
One of the many rural scenes. The derail in the foreground actually operates.

Another view of Woodstock.
My small pocket camera could get down low to the scene similar to what Bob does with his phone.

There are a lot of rural scenes on this layout that make for good photo ops.

Although this scene looks finished Bob mentioned the poles have yet to be strung.

A last look at Woodstock.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Chris Adam's Valley Line Don Janes

An aerial view of the Old Saybrook station.  The freight house in the background has been moved (in real life) to the right hand end of the station and is now a Pizzaworks restaurant. 

A New Haven Branch Line That Fills A Basement

       While on our October layout tour Greg Stubbings and I paid a visit to Chris Adam's Valley Line layout.  We both had followed Chris's blog, The Valley Local and looked forward to seeing the layout in person.  Chris graciously welcomed into his home on Friday night.  It was a pleasure to finally meet Chris.  Not only is he an excellent modeller but also on the board at the Essex Steam Train and Riverboat RR in Essex CT.  as well as being a qualified steam fireman on that railroad.  Since we had just visited the railroad earlier that day it was very interesting having Chris give us a lot of facts and history about the railroad.
    After giving us a tour of his model railroad and a background about how it all came about he explained how it operated.  The layout represents three separate New Haven lines, the Shoreline through Old Saybrook which is on the busy Northeat Corridor, the Air Line and the  Connecticut Valley branch from Old Saybrook to Hartford, CT which is what Chris has based the biggest part of the layout on.  Chris has spent countless hour researching the Valley Line, how it worked and traffic that was on the line.  He is faithfully representing several of the towns the line served and the industries that were located in those towns. 
Here is a track plan of Chris's layout which fills his whole basement.
      The first scene you see as you enter Chris's basement is the Old Saybrook station on the busy Shore Line.  Here there is a non stop parade of crack NH passenger trains which enter the scene from staging yards at both ends of Old Saybrook.  Chris has done an excellent job of recreating this scene as it looked in the late 1940's.  Although it is a small portion of the layout is has a great visual impact and once you learn more about Chris's operating plan behind the Valley Line you can see why it is so important to operations.
     The rest of the layout is basically the Valley Line which meanders through the countryside serving the many industries that once existed in the cities and towns in the area.
      Most of the track is in place and operational but there is still a lot of scenery to do but the areas that Chris has finished look great.  His attention to detail really shows in the various scenes he has created and if these are any indication of what is to follow this is going to be a really incredible layout .  Chris is very fortunate to have a group of friends that are willing to share their knowledge, time and talents to help him complete his dream layout.
     Greg and I really enjoyed our time with Chris and hopefully will be able to get back in a few years to see how the layout has progressed. Be sure to visit Chris's Blog at
Business is brisk at the fuel dealer and freight house behind the station at Old Saybrook
The tower operator at Old Saybrook doesn't have much time to relax due to the high volume of traffic on this busy main line
A view from the tail of the wye which leads to the Valley Line

These are the two staging yards that hold the Shoreline trains that make up the parade of traffic through Old Saybrook.  The lid over this yard also serves as a place for conductors to do their paperwork
New Haven RS-2 0510 is a Proto 1000 unit that Chris has superdetailed to match the prototype that operated on the Valley line
This great looking bridge scene is of the Shailerville Bridge at Haddam, CT
This small Shad Shack sits just at the base of the bridge and really adds a nice touch to the scene
Although no longer in use the old Rocky Hill station still stands as a reminder of days gone by.  It was built for Chris by good friend Bill Schneider
The freight house at Rocky Hill looks to be in much better shape and is still in use
This good looking rock cut just outside of Rocky Hill was also done by Bill S.
The Goff Brook Farmhouse scene is one of the newer finished areas on the layout and Chris is in the process of adding photo backdrops to complete the scene.
The Valley Local headed up by 2-6-0 #278 has just complete its work at Rocky Hill and is ready to head off to Middletown
Engineer Gregg Stubbings (left) and Conductor Chris Adams take a break from their switching chores at Rocky Hill to pose for a photo

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Wickham Cars - Smith Falls, Ont.

At the Museum in Smith Falls, June 12, 2017.
Yesterday's post on Trevor Marshall's Port Rowan in 1:64 featured some information on a speeder I saw this spring in Smith Falls. It is an usual looking thing. Trevor mentioned the speeder came from England...check out his blog at link below...George Dutka

 Port Rowan in 1:64

Monday, 13 November 2017

St J Covered Bridges

June 1977, Gord Taylor photo
St J 1942 WW2 Radio Facebook

St J 1942 WW2 Radio Facebook

Sunday, 12 November 2017

WRD Milestone - 500,000 Page Views

GTW on the WRD? Will fill you in shortly.
Yesterday the White River Division blog hit the half million mark. Thanks to all that have stopped by in the past and hope you will keep following the WRD along...George Dutka

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Weathering a Hopper

My latest weathering job. An old Varney hopper.
I am still practicing weathering using tubed acrylic paints. I have two old hopper cars that have been in a drawer for at least 25 years that I planned to do something with. Well I did something with them last week. This is an old Varney hopper that got a new Kadee brake wheel before I began with the weathering. Once done I toned it down with a spray of weathered black...George Dutka

A coat of floquil black is over-sprayed on the model.
I went pretty heavy with the rust on this side. A bit of Panpastels had been applied but still needs a light overspray of black.

Friday, 10 November 2017

Essex Steam Train and Don Janes

The Station at Essex is in beautiful condition and has been decorated in an autumn theme.  This structure was actually the freight house in Essex.

     Ride a Steam Train and a Riverboat

       Back in October my friend Greg Stubbings and I took a trip to New England visiting layouts owned by Kip Grant, Jim Dufour and Chris Adams.  One other attraction we visited was the Essex Steam Train and Riverboat in Essex CT.  The whole week was perfect weather with temperatures pushing 80 and sunny skies.  We arrived in Essex about an hour before our 11am departures giving us plenty of time to wander the grounds and take lots of photos.  We boarded our car, a 1920's era Pullman Parlour car "Great Republic" that had been refurbished to it's original condition.  Travel back then by parlor car was truly luxurious.  After we departed we followed the Connecticut River until we came to the dock where we boarded our boat for a leisurely ride up the Connecticut River. After the boat ride we re-boarded the train for our trip back to Essex.  The sun had moved around a lot since morning so we got a lot more photos not possible in the morning.

     It was a very pleasant experience.  The railroad is kept in pristine condition and the grounds are very neat and clean. Staff went out of their way to help and give us information about the railroad and the riverboat ride.  One of the more interesting aspects of the railroad was 2-8-2 #3025 was built in China in 1989.  I never would have guessed that had I not seen the builders plate on the side of the boiler and the spoked wheels on the tender.  Like everything else at the railroad it was in excellent condition.
After coming from the shop 3025 backs towards our train at the station.
3025 is coupled to the train and ready to depart. Note the old steam roller in the background.
The Essex RR has a couple of these 70 Tonners on their roster, both in excellent condition and painted in New Haven colours.  Here 0903 rests outside the shop
0901 was an interesting locomotive.  I am not sure of its origin but it was busy woking around the shop moving steam locomotive #40, another 2-8-2
Another view of 0901 outside the locomotive shop
Inside the shop the railway is restoring an ex NH NE-5 steel caboose that had been an office at Landon lumber for many years. 
A view of the inside of our passenger car Great Republic during the train ride...Greg Stubbings photo
Further up the line we boarded the riverboat Becky Thatcher for a cruise along the Connecticut River
Back at the railway station Greg got a tour of the cab of 3025 as the fireman watches for signals from the conductor
A little 0-6-0T sits on a display track with a string of various freight cars
This photo of an old CV hopper will come in handy when I go to detail a few of my model hoppers

The PRR N5 caboose is in great shape but unfortunately the ex CNR sleeper Lindsay sittinganext to it is not so good.  Hopefully it will be restored like the other equipment..
When we returned from the train ride 340 had been fired up and was being readied for the next days steam runs
We hung around to watch the next train leave town.  It is hard to believe this locomotive was built in 1989
This old truck was on display next to the station.
Another view of the station and train order signal at the Essex Steam RR
     When we left the Essex RR we headed over to Old Saybrook to watch some trains on the busy Northeat Corridor.  Some shots of what we saw will be on a later post